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Logan Farm was established in 1974, filling a niche in the market for new and innovative frozen vegetable products. Over the years, Logan Farm has developed into a national market leader; supplying supermarkets, foodservice and industrial markets. Since 1997, Logan Farm has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Talley’s Group; a multi-division, privately owned international company.

Today, Logan Farm supplies a wide array of frozen vegetables, mostly grown in the rich, fertile soils of the South Island of New Zealand. It is the superior quality that attracts consumers to our products, who get to enjoy the locked-in freshness straight from the farm gate to the dinner plate. And importantly, all our vegetables are GMO-free.

Frozen vegetables are a highly nutritious food in a quick and easy-to-use form. All vegetables are processed within hours of harvesting, going through a rigorous process of cleaning, cutting and blanching and then quickly snap frozen. Frozen vegetables are often fresher, tastier and more nutritious than the produce at the green grocer, preserving their many vitamins and minerals.

We are confident you will love our range of frozen vegetables.


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